Membership Directory

The Chickasaw Development Foundation and Historic Hometown Houston-MAIN STREET are busy working for you. We are so thankful for the all businesses and individuals who have placed their trust in both organizations and allowed us to work for them. We Need YOUR support!

Don’t see your business listed? Just call us and we will certainly extend to you our welcome and begin working for you. We want your ideas and suggestions, as well. Join us and volunteer today and join us to make the Houston area the BEST it can be!

Joyce East, Director of Chickasaw Development Foundation and Manager of Historic Hometown Houston-MAIN STREET

Paisley Peacock
Pat Pettigrew
Patsy Griggs
Pearson’s Pharmacy
Peggy Walden
Powell Eye Clinic
Preston Sullivan
Regions Bank
Rex F. Sanderson
Roam Boutique
Rowlett’s Nursery
Sandra Willis
Southern Funeral Home
Sue Ard
Tabb Insurance Agency
Trace Regional Hospital
Virgina Caldwell
W. D. Smith III
Wanda Sweeney

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