Tanglefoot Trail is a pathway to opportunity

The Tanglefoot Trail will be an economic development engine for Houston, Houlka and Chickasaw County.

Initial construction on Tanglefoot Trail rolled through Houlka in October 2012 and is headed to Houston. The construction completion date is June 2013. Federal and state agencies must then accept and approve the project before it is opened for us to enjoy and it becomes a pathway to opportunities. A Grand Opening is being planned in each community along the Tanglefoot Trail after the acceptance of the Trail.

Crews with Glasgow Construction first cleared the old railroad of saplings and grass, graded a path with a bulldozer and then covered it with crushed rock. An asphalt surface is the next step in a process that will create a 10-foot-wide trail stretching from Houston to New Albany.

And while it is easy to think about the actual trail and how it will unlock the splendor of rural Mississippi to so many, the real beauty will be in the economic development it will bring our way.

These numbers are astonishing!

  • The trail is expected to see up to 100,000 users each year.
  • Tanglefoot Trail has an estimated economic impact of as much as $4.8 million for Northeast Mississippi.
  • Construction projects are expected to bring $200,000 to Chickasaws County alone

More than anything, it will bring an opportunity for anyone smart enough and savvy enough to capitalize on Tanglefoot Trail.

People of all ages will be attracted to the trail as a place to bike, walk, jog or simply enjoy the outdoors.

The quality of life in communities of Houston and New Houlka in our county will be enhanced as our communities reconnect as they were when trains traveled the rail.

We invite you to reconnect with other citizens as you visit while enjoying the outdoors and beauty of nature. The Tanglefoot Trail meanders through the countryside offering not only solitude and enjoyment of nature’s beauty, but also a large economic impact and an exercise medium for all to enjoy.

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